11 PCS Designated & Beautiful Handmade Christmas/Xmas Tree Hanging Decoration/Door Hanging Ornaments

This packet contains 11 pieces of 100 % Wool Handmade Christmas products for your Christmas Tree decoration. All products are designated totally nature-friendly, perfect for Christmas day and make a beautiful and gorgeous Xmas tree.

Soft and colorful products add a festive look to your Merry Christmas. Very Good Choice for decoration of room and hanging on door and gift for others. These adorable 11 Christmas productsare needled, felted and stitched. The size and name of 11 items are as follows:

Santa 12x4
Mint 4 cm diameter
Stitched Love 6x7
Christmas Hat 7x7
Stocking 7x8
Mitten 7x1x9
Candy 8x2
Stitched Love 10x10
Snowflakes Ball 4 cm diameter
Fancy Bauble 13cm long and 5cm diameter
Christmas Jumper 4x6


Note: We also make custom color, design and sizes as per order