Aqua Gradient Neck Felt Cat Bed Cave

Aqua Gradient Neck cat bed is minimalistic design is perfect for the more modern home, with an aqua gradient color and yellow neck, your feline friend will look cozy whilst keeping your home contemporary.

This cave is made with azo-free dyes, pure New Zealand wool and a whole lot of love.

Our skilled team of female artisans make our caves with the fine craft of wool felting. Employ household women, providing them with fair wages, training and optimum working conditions in return for our environmentally friendly production process.

*Materials: 100% wool (New Zealand wool)
*Care: Brush/ vacuum cleaning/Spot cleaning with a damp cloth *Smell: wool, soap, smoke-free home
*Touch: soft, wooly
*Color: Aqua Blue and Yellow

*40 cm diameter 
with 14-15cm hole for 4-5 kg cat ( 9-11 pounds)

*50 cm diameter with 18-20cm for 7-9 kg cat (15-20 pounds )

We can make this gorgeous cat cave in custom colors, shape, size and designs! Simply select your desired palette from our color section from the color chart mentioned in pictures.

This cave is easy to take care of; simply wash by hand with soap and water and reshape before drying!