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100% Pashmina 2 Ply Shawl
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100% Pashmina Scarf
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Discounted Reverse Summer Water Stoles
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Sample Package I
Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by Richard.
Subject: Thank you for your samples

Hello Raj, Thank you for your samples which we received yesterday. We would like to order 50 assorted pashminas plain colour, the best sellers you have at the moment. 70% Pashmina, 30% silk, 28x 80. Please can you send an invoice and tell me how much i need to pay you .
Testimonial by Sandra
Subject: Nice Pashmina

Raj, The scarves are beautiful, however I am hesitant to do anything with them until I have paid you. How do I pay by credit card at your site?
Testimonial by stephanie williams
Subject: Pashmina Order

hello, the pashmina was perfect excellent quality and the colour matched my outfit perfectly. Thank you
Testimonial by Ashley
Subject: Pashmina Arrived

I just wanted you to know that I just received the pashminas and it was well worth the wait. They are beautiful! And the colour of the brown is exactly what I wanted. I will definitely order from you again and will tell my friends about you - thank you very much. I admit that I was very nervous when there is such a delay as you always take a risk when you order from the internet and especially when you do not know the vendor. But it looks like the quality of your work is fantastic and I am so pleased that you were able to help. Best wishes
Testimonial by Monica
Subject: The goods are perfect, Thank you

Yes I received the goods. Perfect, only maybe too much of the same colors (Pink, which is my fault). But, it's ok... I'm selling it tomorrow. And hopefully I get a lot of cash. Hmm, I'll send you another order and the residuals on Thursday latest. The order amount for next time really depends on tomorrows sale. It's just been crazy this week with all the Christmas shopping and work clearance. I hope you have a nice holiday in Nepal. Merry Christmas, Happy holidays.
Testimonial by Tor Harald
Subject: My pashmina

Raj, I received the shawl today and my wife is very happy with it. Looks like excellent quality. Thank you. I have not paid anything but guess I get a bill from DHL or you.
Testimonial by Roberta
Subject: Excellent service

Hello Raj, I just want to thank you for your excellent service. Your shawls are really beautiful.
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